Petali Intergrali con le Mandorle

Years ago when I was working at an Italian restaurant in Las Vegas, we used to have a cookie plate on the desert menu.  I’m glad I snapped a photo of one of those plates before it left the window, on some long forgotten busy night in the kitchen.

From left to right are petali intergrali con le mandorle (almond petals), cimbeline (made with white wine and olive oil), anise-almond biscotti, baci di dame (‘ladies kisses’ hazelnut cookies sandwiched with nutella), and viscotta ca giuggilena (sesame cookies with anise essence).

I’ve been thinking about them recently because a good friend used the same recipe to make her own version of the baci di dame cookies.  They were very different and yet equally delicious.  Heli’s post about her baci di dame can be found here.  To add to that, I wanted to share the petali intergrali con le mandorle cookie recipe (pictured on the far left above).  These little almond tear drops are delicious with coffee or tea and not too sweet.  I like how the shape of the cookie mimics the shape of the almond, though I can’t take credit for it- they’ve been a part of the Italian cookie lexicon for ages.

Petali Intergrali con le Mandorle (Almond Petals)

200g butter
180g sugar
½ vanilla bean, scraped
2 eggs
1t vanilla extract
200g flour
150g almond flour, fine ground
50g ‘oo’ flour
toasted whole almonds for decoration

-cream butter, sugar and vanilla bean lightly
-add eggs and extract, one at a time, mixing between each addition
-add sifted dry ingredients
-shape into tear drops with your fingers
-add a whole almond to garnish
-bake at 325f (convection, low fan) or 375f for about 10 minutes, turning halfway through, until golden.


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