Crispy Cookies and French Apple Cake

There are two recipes I’ve recently enjoyed quite a bit that are worth sharing.

The first is for chocolate chip cookies.  I’ve been making the same recipe for years and wanted to try something new, so I consulted the oracle (google) and found “Best Chocolate Chip Cookies”– a very confident name, to be sure.  This particular recipe has you adding the baking soda in a different order than I’m accustomed to seeing, and the results were what someone called “dippers.”  They get very crispy and look quite nice.  Since I’m rarely without a cup of tea or coffee within reach, I think they’re perfect.  They were not so good after 2 days, though, so make what you need and freeze the rest of the dough for a later date with your oven.

Moments ago I pulled a French Apple Cake out of the oven.  It’s been years (has it been that long?!) since I’ve hand-whipped eggs into a foamy state, slowly poured in sugar while whisking and balancing the bowl between my body and the edge of the counter, and then carefully folded in the dry ingredients alternated with melted butter.  Muscle memory is a funny thing.  I used to think of the phrase “go go gadget…” when I had to whip cream or meringues several times a day for lunch and dinner service.  I’m happy to recall that feeling and those memories, but I’m even happier yet that I don’t have to do it all the time anymore.  Either way, David Lebowitz’s blog and Northern Spy apples from the farmers market were the inspiration for this morning’s session in the kitchen.  The cake looks and smells fantastic, though I’ll have to wait until this evening to taste it among friends.


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