Illustrative cooking

Phaidon publishes beautiful books.  Consistently.  The Silver Spoon for Children is no exception.  It’s an illustrated version of the classic Silver Spoon cookbook but intended for children.  The colorful illustrations make it fun and approachable for kids, though I’ve talked to several adults that say they want to cook from it themselves.

Harriet Russell, the illustrator, has done work for several different publications and projects.  Several years ago she published a book of illustrated envelopes with curious anagrams and visual puzzles that she sent through the mail.  They’re whimsical and smart, but I was sad to read that the content stopped short of the envelope- many of them were empty inside.  Her primary challenge was to see if the Royal Mail would deliver them (they were all address to herself), and more often than not, they arrived.  One was in the form of a crossword, and a postal employee finished filling in the blanks before sending it on.

There is a current challenge out there for artists and illustrators called They Draw and Cook, where you can submit an illustration of a recipe and win a prize (and get some exposure). Every day the update the site with a new submission.


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