Winnie’s Tea Blog

Winnie Yu, owner of Teance tea company out of Berkeley CA, is currently on a buying trip in China.  She’s sourcing white and green teas, checking out the new harvests and deciding on what is going to define their selection for this year.  She’s the real deal, visiting all of the farmers she buys tea from every year.  There are a lot of great photos:
I had the experience of being able to travel with her to Taiwan years back, and it was a great experience.  Seeing the depth of her relationships with the tea farmers- knowing their husbands and wives and children and staying up long hours with them through processing- and getting just that two week long glimpse of her knowledge on the subject of what constitutes great tea made me trust her selections implicitly.  I’m very excited to taste the white teas she’s been posting photos of.  Yet another wasted opportunity to make perfect use of smell-o-vision.